Porsche’s Wet Mode: Helping 911 drivers get the most out of their prized steeds

April 4, 2019

The latest generation of the iconic Porsche 911 brings with it some very interesting tech goodies that help bring out the true driver in the person behind the tiller. Sure, it still retains the hallmarks of what a 911 is, such as the shape and some other recognizable details. Yet this one is a lot safer and more enjoyable at the helm, says Porsche.

One of the features responsible for this is a driver assistance system known as Wet Mode. As the name suggests, this allows drivers to pilot the car more confidently in low grip conditions, such as on wet road surfaces. Using acoustic sensors placed in the front wheel housings, these sensors will detect swirled up water and warn the driver accordingly.

The warning, displayed in the instrument cluster, will recommend switching to Wet Mode via a switch on the center console or steering wheel. This then switches Porsche Stability Management, Porsche Traction Management, Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus, and other systems including throttle response to provide maximum grip while on the wet.

While it won’t limit power or top speed, it will allow the driver to drive more confidently, albeit still respecting the laws of physics. The 911’s rear spoiler will even deploy to performance mode at 90kph to help keep things as stable as possible in these damp conditions. And on the likes of the Carrera 4S, torque is sent to the front wheels to provide maximum grip.

Yes, the eighth-generation Porsche 911 is one safe yet truly enjoyable driver’s car. A nod to what the iconic sports car is all about—wet conditions notwithstanding.

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