See how the Nissan Terra can #GoAnywhere and easily tackle 800mm of floodwater

June 20, 2019

It’s just about that time of the year when the rainy or monsoon season will start to creep in. In our neck of the Asian region, this usually takes place from June to September, with the brunt of it being felt in August. To most city dwellers and road users, this only means one thing: flooding.

With weather patterns becoming more irregular, we’ve seen an increase in the intensity of rains and flooding over the past decade or so. Even a torrential downpour can bring about massive swells that can paralyze a city. This is why it is imperative that as motorists, we should be prepared when heading out during this time of the year.

How does one deal with a flooded street/

  • Get to know how deep your vehicle will go: We’re talking about wading depth. The Nissan Terra gives one 800mm of water wading capability. This, along with the 225mm ground clearance, should be more than enough for most flooded places around the Metro.
  • When driving off, start at a slow but sure 5kph and keep it steady all throughout the body of water. Never lift off the accelerator and just keep it steady.
  • It is ideal to cross the water one vehicle at a time. Not only does  it increase everyone’s safety, it likewise decreases the chances of getting water into vital engine and chassis components.
  • Once you’ve safely crossed, make sure  that the vital stuff like brakes, electricals, and the like are all in working order.

As for that 800mm wading capability, watch the video to see just how the Terra can easily tackle the flood. With this in mind, driving a Terra could just be your ticket to surviving the dreaded monsoon season.

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