See the Mulach family live their lives, loving every moment with their Toyota Innova

July 25, 2019

Since its introduction in 2005, the Toyota Innova has always been considered as a reliable member of the Filipino family. Yes, you read that right—many folks consider it as part of their brood. It’s there for them in every situation, from the school run, to weekend road trips, and even on momentous occasions like their daughter’s graduation ball.  You could even say that they Love Every Moment With the  Innova

 Case in point is the Mulach family and their new ride. Atasha, the daughter of Aga and Charlene Mulach, prepares for her grad ball, as seen in their new video. As her date arrives to pick her up, you wll notice a visibly anxious Aga and a supportive Charlene—typical parents who are only looking after their young lady. But as things progress, we will get to see how Aga deals with all this, doing his best to remain cool and composed.

The same holds true for the Toyota Innova. While it may be subjected to various tasks—from  the mundane to the stressful--, it never fails to do each one and never skips a beat. Couple this with the renowned Toyota durability and reliability and you’ve got a ride that could practically last a lifetime.  It’s no wonder Aga and Charlene seem to love every moment with their Innova

Get to see more of the Mulachs and the Toyota Innova via a series of videos that will be regularly uploaded on Toyota Motor Philippines’ YouTube channel. Also follow them on Facebook.

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