There’s Tech for That: The Nissan Navara Conquers Mt. Malasimbo With Its Around View Monitor

March 17, 2018

With technology being a mainstay in today’s world, it seems that we cannot move without our gadgets. There’s always an app or piece of electronic tech that has to be part of what we do.

Take for instance heading out into the great outdoors. It used to be that all we needed was a good ol’ map and a trusty off-road vehicle to take us a bit further than the usual paved road. But even off-road specialist Land Rover has realized that using a few apps can bring us even further into the woods or trails. Hence its new smartphone.

While it hasn’t exactly released its own mobile phone, Nissan Philippines Inc has put in what is arguably the next best thing—a piece of kit that allows drivers to see better while navigating their new Nissan Navara. We refer to the Around View Monitor that is now a part of the Intelligent Mobility System found in the 2018 Nissan Navara.

As the name suggests, the Around View Monitor uses sensors and cameras that give various views of the vehicle and its surroundings. Drivers can choose to view the vehicle from above, from the left or the right, or the like. You can practically have eyes all around, so to speak. And all this is displayed on a monitor on the dash, right in your line of sight.

To put its money where its mouth is, NPI let loose a select group of motoring media on the trails of Mount Malasimbo in Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro. Starting off from San Jose, Occidental Mindoro, the convoy of 8 Nissan pick-ups drove a total of 270 kms heading to the slopes of Malasimbo.

En route to the mountain getaway, the group got to take the truck on the highway, allowing them to stretch the legs of the 2.5-liter four-cylinder diesel motor’s 190 horses, coursed through all four wheels via 7-speed automatic gearbox. The real treat, however, were the many turns and zigzag roads leading up to Mount Malasimbo—a route easily tackled by the Navara’s 450Nm of pulling power. At the top, the group set up camp for the night.

After a good night’s rest at the campsite, Nissan showed off the capabilities of its pick-up along with the Around View Monitor. The second day’s main highlight was an off-road trek that not only let participants sample the truck’s impressive off-road capabilities but likewise demonstrated what a difference a 360-degree view of your surroundings makes.

Imagine treading the mud and rock trails with total confidence as you can clearly see what’s to your right, left, or even a bird’s eye view. The system takes the guesswork out of rock crawling as you won’t have to wonder if you’re about to hit an obstacle or not.

And this type of tech is useful even in the real world, says Nissan. With our urban jungle being as harsh as those off-road trails at times, using gadgets such as the Around View Monitor can make parking a cinch, not to mention lessening the stress of driving in and around those jeepneys, motorcycles, and other road hazards.

So who says gadgets aren’t useful?

With inputs from Erica De Zuzuarregui

Photos and video: Paolo Lesaca

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