Total Philippines shares some rainy day driving tips

July 24, 2019

It’s that time of the year once again when we experience wet weather, slippery roads, and even flooding. Yes folks, the rainy season is officially upon us. Yet this doesn’t mean that we should be stuck at home doing nothing. It’s still okay to get out there and get on with our lives.

Of ocurse, doing so requires a bit of planning and a whole lot of care. The folks at Total Philippines share a few tips to help cope with the rains and some of the hassles it may bring. Consider the following:

  • Check on the weather before heading out.: There’s no excuse not to see what the forecast is for the day, thanks to the numerous apps that are now available online or on your smrtphone. Each one can let you know what the temperature will be for the day, as well as how much chance of rain there is within the next few hours.
  • Keep your ride in tiptop shape. While this holds true no matter what the weather, it is most important during the rainy months. Not only will it help keep you safe out on the wet streets. It will likewise save you for being stuck on the roadside, drenched in rainwater with a stalled vehicle.
  • Ssfety first: Speaking of safety, observe things like always wearing your seatbelt (another given even in the dry), keeping your headlights on to allow other road users to see you more easily, and slowing down just a tad to help you brake more quickly. Remember that wet roads equate to longer brake distances.
  • Avoid those flooded streets: While most folks have highriding SUVs, it is still best to keep away from the flooded streets due to the dangers that lurk underneath the floodwater. If you really must pass, always keep the revs up while going slow, along with keeping it straight and steady at the center of the road. And once you’ve passed, have you car checked as soon as possible.
  • Pull over if needed: If the rain is just too strong and tends to hamper visibility, pull over and wait for the downpour to stop. Better to be safe and slow  rather than  in a hurry and hassled.
  • Make sure you’ve got gas: Along with ensuring that your car is running in top form, make sure that there is enough gas in the tank to get your thru the downpour and to your destination. It must be noted that you should avoid filling up the tank in a flooded area as the lines may be contaminated,  which could go into your vehicle’s fuel system, causing even greater damage.

Keep these simple tips in mind when heading out into the great downpour. Just another friendly reminder from Total Philippines.

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Mr. Gerard Jude Castillo
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