Waze: Modern Bayanihan on our roads

February 28, 2019

We Filipinos have this term known as Bayanihan. More than just something out of Filipino culture, it is the essence of the community spirit as it practically sums it up.

It is this same Bayanihan spirit that has made Waze one of the most used apps in the country today. Blame it on traffic, if you will. Yet the horrendous gridlock that has become part and parcel of our daily lives has also pushed many a road user to help try and solve the mess on our roads.

As of latest count, there are 2.85 million Waze users, 30 of which are map editors. As a map editor, these men and women help plot the course of road users onto a virtual screen. And this, if you know Metro roads, is no easy task. The ever-changing street names, for instance, is just one factor why this is so.

Apart from putting the roads on virtual reality, these map editors put in value-addded features like gas prices and the like. And again, the fluctuating gas and diesel pump prices are something that they must constantly keep track of.

So what drives them to do this, despite it being a thankless job with hardly any rewardl? It’s about being in a position to help out and making a difference. And actually doing something that goes beyond lip service. Using the power of social media and other tools, they tirelessly update the app to ensure that you and me won’t get lost in the chaos of our road network.

Yes, Waze is more than just an app. It is Bayanihan for the modrn age. And the good news is, you and I can do our bit to make life on the road just a little more bearable. Sure, we might not see the solution in our lifetime. Yet taking one small setp at a time could go a long way in helping us get to our daily destinations much faster and less stressful.

About the Author

Mr. Gerard Jude Castillo
Gerard has been a self-confessed car nut ever since he was a little boy. As a grown-up, he indulges in his passion by collecting toy cars (which he started since childhood) and reading up on the latest cars out there.  As Associate Editor, he will ensure that you get your fill of the latest cars in the market, as well as a load of automotive features.