What is Jinba Ittai? Mazda Answered This in Public Test Drive

November 27, 2017

For most folks, a car is merely a conveyance, a tool for getting from Point A to B. Yet there are those who understand that a motor car is more than just a combination of nuts and bolts. For these guys and girls, those four wheels are an extension of their own being.

These are the people that Mazda, through its official Philippine distributor Bermaz Auto Philippines, reached out to recently as it held the first-ever Jinba Ittai Academy Public Test Drive at 38th street and 9th avenue in Bonifacio Global City. Taking place from November 23 to 26, 2017, the four-day event wanted to show just how Jinba Ittai makes driving a true pleasure.

But what exactly is Jinba Ittai, you ask? The term is Japanese for horse and rider as one and demonstrates how a horse understands each movement of its rider and adjusts to it. This essentially helps to bring out the best and most from this synergy.

It is the same oneness between a Mazda vehicle and its driver that makes getting behind the wheel a truly engaging experience. Imagine gripping the shifter in as natural a manner as possible. Or turning the steering wheel with the car immediately following your command. It’s like you and the car are one entity.

This feeling of fluidity is heightened even further by G-Vectoring Control, which is now available in all Mazda models from the Mazda2, Mazda3, and Mazda6, all the way to the CX-3, CX-5, and CX-9. Yes, it isn’t just the MX-5 roadster that gets this groundbreaking piece of tech that makes steering more responsive, the ride more fluid, and the car’s every move more natural.

This is what the public got to try during the event. Even ordinary, non-car guy patrons were given the chance to feel the difference Jinba Ittai and G-Vectoring Control offer in everyday cars. It’s the kind of tech that make a seemingly ordinary drive a pleasurable one.

And that’s the spirit of Jinba Ittai. That’s the spirit of Zoom-zoom.

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