Pinnacle Motorsport overcomes challenging wet conditions in 2017 Formula Masters Series Round 3

June 24, 2017

Fresh from its Round 2 win, the Pinnacle Motorsport racing team once again scored another victory as it showcased a remarkable performance in the 3rd round of the 2017 Formula Masters Series (FMS).

Held last June 16 to 18, 2017 at the Zhuhai International Circuit in China, ace drivers Taylor Cockerton, Ben Grimes, and Antolin Gonzalez all made a collective effort to gain valuable championship points, despite the bad weather condition. This helped the Philippine-based racing team to move up the standings in 2nd place.

Race 1 started off under the guidance of the safety car. Soon, the race went full-on with Cockerton immediately setting the pace on high. The New Zealander’s determination to defend and regain the lead was the highlight of the show as he traded places with his nearest rival in almost every lap. As a result, he ended up clinching 2nd. Grimes, on the other hand, crossed the line in 7th, while Gonzalez collected 10th.

The weather improved a bit on Race 2, and was highlighted with a fierce battle between the leading cars until they came into contact with each other. Cockerton capitalized on the incident and gained control of the lead until the checkered flag. Grimes also found an opportunity to snag a podium position, but because his car stalled at the start of the race, the Filipino-British driver ended up placing 7th once more. Gonzalez, meanwhile, improved on his performance, thus finishing the race in 9th.

On Race 3, the weather lashed out another heavy downpour. After what was an eventful race weekend, Cockerton safely crossed the line in 4th place. As for Grimes, he finished the race in 5th, a notable improvement from his previous 2 outings on the track. Finally, Gonzalez showcased a consistent charge, which earned the Spanish driver his 8th place finish.

Catch the action again on July 28 to 30, 2017 as the Formula Masters Series heads back to Zhuhai for Round 4.

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