Pinoy band one of the featured acts at Singapore Grand Prix

August 20, 2014

Local singer/songwriter, Carlos Castaño and his band have been invited to be one of the upcoming acts alongside some International sensations like Robbie Williams, John Legend, Ziggy Marley, the Pet Shop boys and Jennifer Lopez in the Singapore Grand Prix this coming September 19-21.

The singer just happens to come from a family of motor racing nuts so he had to ask for proof that he wasn't a victim of some cruel pratical joke.  "First thing I said was, how do I know you're really from the Singapore Tourism board? Can you send me proof of your ID." Castaño joked on stage at the Society lounge this morning, where he was invited to play a few original songs in a press conference to launch the upcoming event.

Castaño is a proud Cebuano who has sold over 40,000 copies of his 3 albums and will be playing in the circuit throughout the Grand Prix weekend. Race packages for the world's first and only street night race are still available from the country's number one motorsports travel agency, Red Rock Travel.

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James Deakin
James Deakin is a multi-awarded automotive journalist located in Manila, Philippines. He has a weekly column in the Philippine STAR's motoring section, is a motoring corespondent for CNN Philippines and is the host of the Philippine motoring television show Drive, which airs every Sunday night at 10pm on CNN Philippines.