After the Land Rover Defender went public in Frankfurt, now comes the Lego Technic version

September 12, 2019

The 2020 Land Rover Defender made its world debut this week at the ongoing Frankfurt Motor Show.

Apparently, the iconic off-roader’s 21st century iteration wasn’t the only thing the British brand had in store for us.

The other part of the reveal is a scale model built by Lego Technic.

Built together with the automaker, the 2,573-piece kit features a host of realistic touches that will give any Land Rover enthusiast a treat while putting together their miniature model.

These include authentic body panels and wheels, three differentials for the four-wheel drive system, independent suspension, and a winch.

Just like the exterior, the cabin has a fully detailed dash and steering wheel, two levers that engage both high and low gears, and a gear selector.

Speaking of gearboxes, this one is a four-speed sequential type that Lego Technic says is its most sophisticated to date.

And yes, you can twist the rear door-mounted spare tire to gain access to the opening while lifting the hood will allow you to view the inline-6 engine underneath.

Lego Technic says that the new Land Rover Defender will be priced at around $199 and will go on sale beginning October 1—sooner than the real thing.

Are you ready to build your mini Defender?

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