Caltex Fuels go beyond the proverbial mile to provide a better life for the Filipino

July 4, 2018

 Photo above shows a student who invited a motorist to gas up at Caltex for Caltex Fuel Your School.

Unless you’ve been living under your favorite rock, you may have heard that crude oil prices have gone up quite drastically over a certain period. This can spell bad news especially for businesses that rely heavily on such a commodity. Yet fuel companies like Caltex believe that its products go beyond the proverbial mile as there is more to its fuel than what goes into your vehicle’s gas tank.

Take for instance the savings that motorists enjoy each time they fill up on Caltex Fuels with Techron. Caltex offers discounts on select dates and at certain filling stations. Public Utility Vehicle drivers likewise enjoy up to P4/liter off on fuel via the discount lanes. This definitely helps them save up for more pressing needs for the family.

Caltex, thru its marketer Chevron Philippine Inc, has also tied up with various establishments to offer discounts and rewards points that can be used for food and other goodies. HappyPlus cardholders have been enjoying tasty treats from different food outlets, as do Robinson’s Rewards cardholders. Aside from this, Landers Superstore has likewise allowed members to get cool savings when they fill up at on-site Caltex stations within the Landers compound.

Photo above shows students and teachers from Tiwi Agro-Industrial School distributing flyers to encourage motorists to fuel up at Caltex where P1 goes to their school for every liter of fuel purchase.

Besides the savings, tasty treats, and rewards, Caltex has been doing its bid to promote the welfare of the Filipino youth and the environment. The Fuel Your School campaign has been ongoing for the past three years, with over 88 schools 3,000 public school teachers, and over 1 million students in Metro Manila, Bicol, and Davao. It will once again embark to help students in teachers of the highest need public high schools in the Ilocos and Cordillera Autonomous Region with their Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math strands.

Apart from this, the fuel and lubricants company has shown us that it cares for the environment via the various projects and programs, particularly for the Marine Protected Areas undertaking in Cebu and other parts of the country. Sure, it may be a fuel company. Yet it is one with a heart for its surroundings.

Caltex will not rest on its laurels as it will strive to provide better quality fuels for the Filipino people. And these fuels will continue to go a long way in giving each Filipino a better life.

Photo above shows teachers receiving 21st century learning equipment for their students through Caltex Fuel Your School.

Caltex Service Representatives support Caltex Fuel Your School by encouraging motorists to fuel up with Caltex.

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