Experience what the Prancing Horse is all about at Universo Ferrari this September

September 4, 2019

For many folks, the Ferrari marque is simply a sports car brand.

Yet true enthusiasts know that it’s more than that—it’s about passion for the nameplate and automobiles in general.

This is what one will see and experience at the recently-opened Universo Ferrari that takes place at the Fiorano Circuit this September.

This unique exhibit delves into what the Prancing Horse is all about: a marque with a rich history that has not only built some of the most potent supercars in the world but has likewise made a name for itself in the world of motorsport.

And these two facets go hand in hand to make Ferrari what it is today.

It all begins with the the SF90, the current Formula 1 race car that is competing in the pinnacle of motorsport.  Situated at the center of a large hall, it symbolizes where Ferrari began—the world of motor racing.

Next to this hall is the Ferrari Classiche exhibit where visitors will get to see such icons as the 250 GTO—arguably one of the most iconic Ferrairs to date. This is a snapshot of how experts lovingly restore classic cars into iconic motoring masterpieces.

Any Ferrari aficionado will know that the Ferrari experience is as much about lifestyle as it is about the competitive spirit. This is why one section of Universo Ferrari is dedicated to the Ferrari community.

On the one hand, there is the GT lifestyle, which features a 2016 LaFerrari Aperta. Then there is the Corse Clienti and Competitioni that has the Ferrari FXX K Evo as the symbol of the Prancing Horse’s competitive spirit.

Speaking of competition, the current 24 Hours of Le Mans trophy sits proudly beside the winning 488 GTE that ran the endurance event.

And of course, the entire Ferrari lineup will be present for all the world to see. The star of this show is the SF90 Stradale, the very first series-production hybrid Ferrari has ever built. It lets the world know that Maranello is looking to the future while not forgetting where it came from.

The Universo Ferrari will be open on the weekends of September 21-22 and 28-29. Book your exclusive tickets by logging on to www.musei.ferrari.com

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