Explore the country in a Kia and share it via #MyKiaPH

June 25, 2018

To say that social media plays a part in today’s society is a huge understatement. Unless you’re living under that proverbial rock or don’t have a social media account (which is pretty much the same thing), chances are you’d know how people have become so addicted to networks like acebook and Instagram.

Our lives have now become daily fare on these social networks.  Every move is either made known by photos, videos,  or status updates. This is especially true for our road trips and vacations with family and friends.

Columbian Autocar Corporation, official distributor of Kia vehicles in the country, understands this, which is why it puts forward #MyKiaPH, an invitation for Kia owners to share their special moments with family, loved ones, and their Kia vehicle on social media. Simply post your cherished adventures with your network on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #MyKiaPH.

But what can you do besides the usual trip to the beach or mountain getaway, you ask? A lot, actually. You can start within Metro Manila—or the City of Manila, to be precise. A vehicle like the cute and stylish Kia Picanto is just the ticket. With its 29.23km/L fuel consumption, you can easily head the Quirino Grandstand in Luneta, the Yexel Toy Museum at the Manila Ocean Park, the Metropolitan Museum beside the Manila Bay, and the CCP Museum at the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

While this may seem like a short drive, take note that Roxas Boulevard can get jam-packed. Don’t fret, however, as the Picanto’s tidy size will easily fit into those tight spots. And it’s peppy yet efficient 1.2-liter motor will help you weave through traffic effortlessly.

Want something more adventurous? Then why not bring your Kia Sorento up the hills of Amadeo in Cavite. Dubbed as the Coffee Capital of the Philippines, this quaint little community next to Tagaytay City likewise treats visitors to the same cool breeze and laid-back vibe. It offers sweet treats and caffeine fixes at Café Amadeo. One can likewise have a refreshing time at Balite Falls.

And this is what you get with the Sorento--power and comfort. Its 2.2-liter, 200hp turbodiesel four-pot serves up torque on demand that can easily tackle those uphill sections. The suspension and excellent cabin amenities will surely help give a relaxing drive that won’t let you down on those sweeping bends. And it can seat seven passengers to boot.

Speaking of adventure, an unlikely place also has a lot to offer tourists who are willing to explore. And you can do so in an equally not-so-typical ride. We refer to the Kia Grand Carnival which is the perfect vehicle to take to Tarlac. No, you won’t simply stopover on the way to Baguio. You can get an adrenaline rush by simply marveling at the 200-foot waterfalls and tall trees at the ASEAN New Zealand Forestation Project. Or go on a bike ride and tour the 78-hectare Tarlac Recreational Park.

Either way, take the Kia Grand Carnival along and have all the room for your gear. We’re talking about folding rear seats that can sink into the floor—suitable for loading your bikes and hiking equipment. And the leather seating option allows you to easily clean up the vehicle after a long day outdoors.

Yes, there are lots of things to see and experience in our beautiful country. And Kia likewise has a diverse lineup of vehicles to suit each adventure. Check them out at your nearest Kia dealer today. And share you adventure using the hashtag #MyKiaPH.

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Mr. Gerard Jude Castillo
Gerard has been a self-confessed car nut ever since he was a little boy. As a grown-up, he indulges in his passion by collecting toy cars (which he started since childhood) and reading up on the latest cars out there.  As Associate Editor, he will ensure that you get your fill of the latest cars in the market, as well as a load of automotive features.