Ezperienza Ferrari: Getting to experience the Ferrari Portofino and GTC4Lusso’s full potential

February 9, 2019

To experience driving a Ferrari on a race track, it has been said, is the only way to bring out the car’s full potential. While you could do this on the road, our public highways are usually congested and might just be too dangerous to push the car to its limits.

This is what a group of Ferrari owners and select members of the media got to do one fine Sunday at Clark International Speedway in Pampanga. Taking the Ferrari Portofino and GTC4Lusso thru their paces without fear of endangering other road users allowed participants to fully experience what these Prancing Horses had to offer.

Aptly titled Ezperienza Ferrari, the Ferrari Experience was made even more special with the presence of two racing drivers—Marco Bonanomi and Marcelo Puglisi. Both Italian racing drivers guided participants on how to bring out the full prowess of the Portofino and GTC4Lusso.

The Portofino allows owners to go from full Berlinetta to an open-top number in just 14 seconds. The GTC4Lusso, on the other hand, is the marque’s first four-seater. Bioth are powered by V8 turbo motors, with the latter boasting a 3.8-liter unit that outs out 610hp.

All told, the Ezperienza Ferrari is just one way owners got to experience the joys of what owning a Ferrari is all about.

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Mr. Gerard Jude Castillo
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