Ford gives you 4 reasons why the Everest is the perfect rainy-season warrior

June 28, 2018

The rains are upon us once again. And for most Metro Manila dwellers, the sad reality is that we not only need to deal with getting drenched every so often, we likewise have to contend with the occasional flash flood. This is why it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a tall-riding vehicle.

A Sport Utility Vehicle is usually what comes to mind. Ford puts forward its hot-selling Everest midsize offering. The Blue Oval even lists down a few good reasons why one should consider getting an Everest this rainy season.

  1.  The 800m wading capacity. This may sound like marketing fluff. But in reality, this can actually be useful for tackling those flooded streets without fear. It can help you pass thru high water without worrying that your engine or electrical system will be submerged underwater.
  2. It’s got Active Noise Cancellation. What this essentially does is cancel out outside noise. Taking a cue from noise cancelling headphone technology, this feature helps give a more peaceful time on the move—useful in chaotic Metro Manila.
  3. A smooth ride: Thanks to its Watts Linkage suspension system, the Everest offers one of the smoothest rides in its class. Sure, it is still a tough ladder-on-frame truck chassis underneath. But the suspension will absorb potholes and road imperfections with ease. And flooded streets won’t be a problem as it will keep the vehicle tracking straight and true.
  4. It’s got safety kit that helps you stay out of harm’s way. With features like Blind Spot Warning, Cross-Traffic Alert, and a Rearview Camera, you’re sure to steer clear of any mishaps, rain or shine.

Moreover, Ford is offering huge savings on its vaunted midsize SUV. You can avail of either a low P68,000 all-in downpayment or a substantial P110,000 cash discount. Either way, this is one way you can tackle those Metro floods.

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