Have a Safe Ride This Holiday Season

December 18, 2017

With Christmas Day and the New Year just around the corner, a lot of folks will be having the traditional family reunions and barkada get-togethers. There will also be those who may be going on a long road trip during the Christmas break. Whichever destination you choose, the Motorcycle Development Program Participants Association (MDPPA) reminds everyone to observe road safety.

Before heading out, the MDPPA suggests that you check to see if you are fit to drive. While your bike may be in tip-top shape, you, on the other hand, might not exactly be up for the challenge of driving. Remember that you must always be alert in order to avoid accidents. If you’re okay to drive, make sure that you wear comfortable clothing, preferably something bright to make yu more visible to other motorists. And never drink and drive.

Next up, check your motorcycle to make sure it is also in good condition. Brakes, water, lubricants, lights, and tires are just some of the things you should check. Make sure that all fluids are topped up and everything is in working order. Oh, you might want to remove unnecessary weight while you’re at it. Not only will this help save fuel. It will likewise make the drive much more enjoyable as excess weight can be a drag—literally.

If you are going to load your bike, however, why not do so with the essentials. Things like an emergency kit, rain gear, water, medicines, and the like would come in handy.

Once you’re ready, it would be ideal to plan your route. Map out where you’re headed and plot the fastest route possible. Of course, taking into account stopovers for rest is not a bad idea. And try not to rush. Simply enjoy the ride.

Speaking of taking it easy, try to stay within the prescribed speed limit. This, along with obeying other traffic rules will not only save your life but can also protect other road users. And in case of emergency, dial 117 to reach the Philippine National Police.

Have a safe journey this holiday season. And have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Mr. Gerard Jude Castillo
Gerard has been a self-confessed car nut ever since he was a little boy. As a grown-up, he indulges in his passion by collecting toy cars (which he started since childhood) and reading up on the latest cars out there.  As Associate Editor, he will ensure that you get your fill of the latest cars in the market, as well as a load of automotive features.