Why Not Give Your Loved Ones Peace of Mind This Christmas? (And a Dashcam to Go With it?)

December 18, 2017

The Christmas season brings with it a lot of fun-filled parties and merrymaking as friends and family gather for some Christmas cheer. But while everyone is having fun, a few irresponsible motorists tend to think that having fun includes drinking and driving. And thus, a potential a road mishap.

To help lessen the stress that such accidents can bring, why not consider installing a dashcam in your vehicle? Not only will this free you from the unnecessary He said, She said drama that goes on in trying to prove who is at fault. But it can likewise provide the added peace of mind that can go a long way, even beyond the Christmas season.

But before you head out and buy that dashcam for your car or as a gift for your loved one, why not consider a few suggestions by automotive accessories shop Blade Auto Center. Polaroid, for instance, has a wide range of cashcams to suit various needs.

The C200 and C201, priced between P5,499-P5,999 offer security not only for your car but for your dashcam. It has a long USB cable that lets you charge it and mount it in places that are away from prying eyes. It boasts full HD capability, 130-degree angle, a 2-inch LCD screen, a built-in speaker and microphone, motion detector, as well as auto-protection for files and voltage surges.

For a bit more, you can upgrade to the C250 (P6,499). It packs the same features of the C200 series, adding goodies like a 140-degree angle lens, a larger 2.4-inch screen, and driver fatigue sensor. The C270, on the other hand, shares the same features but ups the screen size to 2.7 inches, and equips it with auto start/stop feature.

Those who want a bit more protection may want to consider the DS301 dual dash camera. At P14, 999, it may be a bt pricey compared the most, but you do get stuff like the aforementioned front and back cameras that each offer Full HD 1080p resolution. You also get a 3-inch screen, as well as 155-degree angle. Plus, you can store up to 64GB in the MicroSD card.

There is also the DS231GW (P13,499), which, just like its DS301 sibling, offers a dual camera system. Only difference is that this one has a smaller 2.4-inch screen and 150-degree angle. It does, however, come with WiFI capability and has GPS.

If you’re the type who does a lot of nighttime driving, then the N302 (P7,499) is for you. It’s got Night Mode that produces high quality images even in low-light conditions. And you can record at up to a 160-degree angle.

Polaroid hasn’t forgotten the motorcycle riders and adventure seekers out there. It offers the S205W 4k that goes for P14,999 and comes with a 2MP camera with CMOS sensor, a 2-inch display, and all the other features of the dashcams mentioned above. This one, however, trumps them all as it has a Sport Kit that allows it to be mounted on your motorbike or helmet. Plus, it has a waterproof case so you can even take with you when you go diving.

Yes, Christmas is the perfect time to give some peace of mind. And a cashcam to go with it.

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