The Jaguar I-PACE crosses the Channel Tunnel from London to Belgium—on a single charge

September 17, 2018

Despite the growing availability of electric vehicles over the past few years, many folks are still wary about the range that these clean vehicles can offer. Carmakers like Jaguar are trying to quell fears by showing the world just how viable these vehicles are even for cross-country travel.

This Jaguar did with its I-PACE fully electric SUV when it subjected th stylish number to a trip that began in London and ended in Brussels, Belgium. The 369km journey started in South Bank in London and traveled thru country roads and motorways en route to its destination.

A major highlight of this trip was the crossing thru the Channel Tunnel that spans 50kms. And yes, the car even went thru regular motorway traffic. All this on a single charge of the 90kWh battery.

Of course, charging the battery from as little as 40 minutes to as long as 10 hours is one thing. But managing it on short or long trips is another story altogether. The Jaguar system helps by doing its best to make the most efficient use of battery power while not sacrificing driver and passenger comfort.

The car uses the navigation system, for instance, to plot the most efficient route that won’t tax the battery. The instrument cluster will likewise show which accessories (such as climate control or the like) are draining the battery too much. This energy efficient mindset resulted in the I-PACE arriving in Brussels with some 8 percent charge to spare.

Yes, Jaguar says it’s possible to travel long distances even on a single charge . And in style to boot.

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