The Kia Grand Carnival: The Ideal Vehicle to Take You to Your Christmas Family Gathering

December 20, 2017

It’s the holiday season and many families and friends gather for the traditional get-togethers and out of town trips. To make things just a tad more special, many folks usually opt for a large vehicle to haul the entire gang. One such ride is the Kia Grand Carnival.

The Kia minivan, as you will notice, is not as large as the typical 15- or 18-seater van. This aids greatly in maneuverability in and around the gridlocked Metro.  Yet this doesn’t mean it can’t hold its own when carrying large groups of people or tons of cargo. On the contrary, the Korean carmaker put in leather-clad seats with flexible seating configurations. This allows for a truly versatile interior.

Speaking of versatility, the Grand Carnival has what Kia calls Sinking Seats for the third row. This allows the bench to be stowed completely flush into the floor. Coupled with the available second row Captain’s Chairs, the Grand Carnival’s interior becomes an inviting place.

The comfortable ambience is made even more enjoyable with a large, expansive glass area. The front windshield, side windows, and sunroof allow al occupants to soak up the passing scenery. And the multi-zone climate control helps ensure a comfortable journey, whatever the weather.

The Kia Grand Carnival, however, isn’t just a vehicle with a relaxing cabin. Convenience features such as power sliding side doors and tailgate make entry and exit easy. The latter, meanwhile, makes loading cargo a cinch—even with a ton of groceries or Christmas gifts in tow. And the driver can control these, along with other vehicle functions, all from his or her seat.

Available in either gasoline or diesel, you can get to know more about the Kia Grand Carnival by visiting your nearest Kia dealer today.

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