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September 12, 2018

Mercedes-Benz may have an entire roster of vehicles in its lineup today. Yet most folks, especially the older set, still associate the brand with stately sedans, coupes, and roadsters such as the S-, E-, C- and SL-Class.

While these nameplates have cemented the brand’s reputation throughout the decades, the German carmaker has also dabbled in more versatile vehicles such as the ultra-popular Sport Utility Vehicle. Yes, the three-pointed star, in case you didn’t know, has a whole host of SUVs in its stable. And while the M-Class started the premium midsize SUV genre back in 1997, it was actually the G-Class that got the ball rolling for Merc in the luxury off-road vehicle segment.

The year was 1979 when the very first Gelandewagen (cross-country vehicle in German) or G-Wagen entered the scene. Since then, it has retained the familiar profile and overall styling, albeit with a few updates to keep up with the changing times and technology. For 2018, the G-Class boasts of a potent V8 motor that puts out 422hp and 610Nm of torque. And of course, true off-roading capability is still its calling card.  This thing will cosset you in total comfort as you traverse the toughest terrain.

If the G-Class is too hard core for your taste, however, Mercedes-Benz offers something that is akin to your S-class, the GLS. In fact, the seven-seat full size SUV has been touted as the S-Class of SUVs.  From the elegant yet sporty styling, to the premium interior with touches like ambient lighting and a Harman Kardon Logic 7 Surrond Sound system, to the cutting-edge safety tech like the latest in driver aids, the GLS has them all.

Powering the GLS is a V6 motor paired with a 9G-Tronic automatic and permanent all-wheel drive. Dynamic Select allows the driver to choose variable driving styles to suit their own mood and behavior behind the wheel. And bits like ADS adjust the damping of each of the air suspension’s four corners to provide a truly plush ride without sacrificing on- and off-road performance.

While it may sit in the middle of the model hierarchy, the Mercedes-Benz GLE does not in any way suffer from middle-child syndrome. On the contrary, the German luxury brand has packed it with some of the most intelligent technologies in the business. You’ve got a potent V6 motor, Dynamic Select that allows drivers to choose between different driving modes, 4Matic all-wheel drive system, and a host of driver aids.

All these are wrapped in an elegant and sophisticated bodyshell that is at home in both the urban jungle nd great outdoors. Moreover, the cabin boasts of first-rate materials, ambient lighting to help uplift or relax occupants’ moods, and other cool touches. It’s the perfect SUV for those that want to live the Mercedes-Benz luxury  lifestyle yet aren’t afraid to go on an adventure.

As SUVs grow in popularity, more folks are gravitating towards them—even those that never venture off the beaten path. For them, Mercedes-Benz puts forward the GLC and the smaller GLA. The GLC is the midsize offering that boasts muscular flanks and a sporty vibe. This wraps around an equally premium cabin with loads of cargo and passenger space. Needless to say, tech goodies abound in this number.

Under the metal resides tech such as a four-cylinder motor with 184 horses and 300Nm of torque, transmitted to the drive wheels via 9G-Tronic gearbox. Drivers can even choose between Eco, Comfort, Sport, and Sport+ that each suit their style behind the tiller.

If you’re more of an urbanite that wants a chic and easy to maneuver vehicle, then the Mercedes-Benz GLA may be for you. Its compact size means it’s easy to weave in and out of traffic. Yet this doesn’t mean it can be bullied around as the tall stance and masculine haunches give it road presence.

Once inside, the seats pamper ou in total comfort that’s perfect to help you cope with the stress of the Metro. You can easily get around with the power from the 1.6-liter, 122hp motor with 200Nm of torque. And yes, you have the prestige of the three-pointed star backing you up.

Whatever your need, whatever kind of lifestyle you lead, Mercedes-Benz has an SUV for you. And it’s got more than 100 years of automotive experience packed into every offering—whether it’s a sedan or a versatile Sport Ute.

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