Porsche Cayenne Coupe: Daring to be different

May 22, 2019

Back in 2002, Porsche shocked the world when it introduced its very first SUV, the Cayenne. It was a sacrilege, said the purists, who considered Porsches to be nothing but sports cars. Well, as history would tell us, the Cayenne has gone on to become the German sports car maker’s best-selling models. And it has shown the world that there is indeed such as thing as a sporty SUV.

Fast-forward some 17 years later and Porsche is once again set to shake things up with a coupe version of its sporty Cayenne crossover. Sure, there are a host of other coupe-SUVs out there. But the Crest adorning this vehicle simply means none would be as sporty as this one. 

The sporty vibe begins with a more sloping roofline than its Cayenne sibling. Porsche also gives buyers the choice between a fixed panoramic glass roof or a carbon fiber panel. The latter obviously helps cut down on precious weight.

And this weight savings is important in helping the two turbocharged motors propel the SUV through its paces. There is a six-cylinder mill with 450hp that does the 0-100kph sprint in just 6 seconds. Then the top-spec 4.0-liter V8 that pouts out 550 horses—blasting the Cayenne Coupe from rest to the century mark in just 3.9 ticks!

The sloping roofline, however, isn’t just a visual treat. It is backed up by an equally elegant interior with a rear bench that is configured just like two individual thrones. This, along with all the bells and whistles ensures a comfortable and enjoyable journey whether on the autobahn or on those twisty mountain roads.

The Porsche Cayenne Coupe is for the buyer that wants to be different yet still desires the sporty performance of a Porsche.

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