Why Will You Fall in Love with the XC90? Volvo Counts the Ways

February 16, 2018

Love is definitely in the air these days, primarily so because it’s the love month. Yet even if it wasn’t the month of hearts, Volvo Philippines thinks that you will have a lot of reasons to fall in love with its XC90 D4 premium SUV.

Since its introduction to the market more than a decade ago, the Volvo XC90 has given family men the chance to experience the legendary Volvo safety not only for themselves but also for their entire brood. It’s a seven-seat SUV, which means that they can take the whole family along to any destination they choose, with confidence to boot.

But what exactly is there  to love about this Volvo SUV? One reason could be its ability to protect you and your fellow occupants from polluted air while inside the vehicle. CleanZone actively purifies the air that enters the cabin to ensure that you breathe nothing but the purest air. Moreover, it will shut out any impure ari, such as when you’re driving in a tunnel with exhaust fumes all around.

But the XC90 doesn’t just care for its occupants. Drive-E, the latest range of Volvo engines, are designed to provide more than ample power while spewing out as little toxic fumes as possible. Whether it’s gasoline or the new D4 diesel variant, the XC90’s Drive-E motor cares for the environment.

Being a pioneer of safety, Volvo puts forward Sensus, a vehicle interface that allows users to connect with their vehicle, as well as the outside world while on the move. But even as they do this, they can still concentrate on the drive thanks to voice command, touch control, and the like as these minimize distractions. Plus, the tablet-sized display helps keep pertinent information in their line of sight even as they keep their eyes on the road.

And of course, IntelliSafe is Volvo’s very own suite of safety gear that uses collision avoidance, automatic braking, and other systems to help keep you and your loved ones out of harm’s way.

Experience the Volvo XC90 D4 at your nearest Volvo Philipines showroom today.

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