Bridgestone PH, ICanServe team up for breast cancer awareness and early detection

March 7, 2017

According to the Philippine Society of Medical Oncology, breast cancer is the leading cause of death among women in the country. In light of this, Bridgestone tires Philippines has joined forces with the ICanServe Foundation, Inc. to spread awareness of this disease.

The result of the partnership is the launching of an awareness campaign called the Together We Save Lives.” In a nutshell, the said campaign gave Bridgestone tire buyers a chance to help spread breast cancer awareness by way of purchasing limited edition tire valve caps. What’s special about these valve caps is that they came in a pink color which is the international symbol for breast cancer awareness.

Each set of these valve caps cost P100. All proceeds from the campaign, which has reached a total of P478,240.00, was turned over to the ICanServe Foundation Inc. to support its advocacy of spreading breast cancer awareness and its early detection.

The Together We Save Lives campaign is the first of many more projects between Bridgestone tires Philippines and the ICanServe Foundation, Inc., all geared toward a cancer-free future for our Filipino women.

The ICanServe Foundation, Inc. is a Manila-based non-profit organization advocating breast cancer awareness and early detection. It conducts information campaigns, community-based breast cancer screening programs, and women’s health care programs, among others. To know more about its campaigns and how to help in its cause, visit and its official Facebook page.

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