Kia Picanto: Another Cool Reason to Consider a Subcompact Hatch

February 10, 2018

Many people used to scoff at subcompact cars, especially hatchbacks. These not-so-informed folks saw these little cars as toy-like and usually bullied them on the road. Times have changed, however, and subcompact offerings are now getting their fair share of attention.

One of the players in this class is the Kia Picanto. The latest-generation Kia subcompact hatch now boasts an eye-catching design that actually makes one stop-and-stare. It even has a top-spec GT-Line that boasts sporty accents on the lower body panels. And those headlights are simply striking, especially at night.

Beyond its good looks, cars like the Kia Picanto are now getting noticed because of the right reasons. One of these is its size. At 3,595mm long and 1,595mm wide, the little Kia can easily fit into any parking space—even the tightest ones at the crowded mall parking lot. These tidy dimensions also pay off handsomely in our now-famous urban gridlock. One can easily squeeze through traffic with ease.

Another reason why people now consider subcompact hatches is the low maintenance cost. That 1.2-liter mill promises cheap maintenance and fuel economy that can go as high as 29.23km/L as per the 2017 Department of Energy Fuel Eco Run.

But don’t think that you will be left wanting in terms of space and performance. Kia promises more than ample room for average Filipinos, as well as quick performance on most urban and even highway settings. Plus, the Picanto can be had in any of 10 cool colors.

Know more about the Kia Picanto at your friendly Kia dealer today.

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Mr. Gerard Jude Castillo
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