The Piaggio APE Could Be Your Next Business Partner

December 4, 2017

With the vast number of motorcycles on the road, one wonders if there is room for one more player. Apparently, Autoitalia Philippines Ent Inc (APE Inc) thinks so as it unveils the Piaggio APE.

The Piaggio APE, as you’ll immediately notice, differs from the rest as it offers a three-wheel configuration. Put together in India by Paggio Vehicles Private Limited, the little Italian trike boasts a few cool features that make it ideal for business and a bit of play.

Aimed primarily the the Filipino entrepreneur, the Piaggio APE can be configured in a number of ways to suit one’s needs. Choose from any of the available variants, which include Drive Away Chassis, City, Long Deck, Passenger, Closed Van, and 3-woing Van. Apart from these, owners can customize these to match their business and own personal style.

Speaking of business, one can easily load up to 535kg of cargo, perfect for small entities that need to haul numerous goods and people. And yes, the APE boasts of truly efficient motoring with the small diesel motor.

Yes, you read that right. This little three-wheeler packs a 435cc single-cylinder, 4-stroke direct-injection diesel mill that is claimed to return as much as 30-36km/L on average. This will help you achieve a profit as you don’t need to spend too much on fuel. Oh, and Piaggio promises that you won’t be wanting for power even on a full load.

APE Inc, official distributor of the Piaggio APE and other Piaggio offerings, is part of Motorhub and the Autohub Group of Companies.  

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