Real Adventures: Rolling Stories Gets to Know the Person Pushing Cebu’s Indie Music Scene to New Heights, Cattski Espina

July 4, 2018

Cebu has always been popular for its numerous picturesque beaches. Moreover, the Southern destination mixes a bustling urban landscape with a laid-back rural vibe. And you don’t need to go far to experience either one.

Apart from this, Cebu is likewise a haven for foodies. The flavorful Cebuano cuisine is something that many folks travel long distances for. But there’s more to Cebu than just its beaches and culinary delights. As Bridgestone’s Rolling Stories discovers, Cebuanos have a hidden gem: Indie musician Cattski Espina.

Cattleya Vanessa Espina or “Cattski” as she’s called by family and friends, she used to head a band bearing her namesake. After disbanding in 2010, Cattski went solo and has since been moving the Cebuanos with her various musical facets. She can play the guitar, keyboards, and harmonica. Moreover, she dabbles in Electronica, digital folk, acoustic, and experimental music.

Cattski is one of those folks that believes in what Cebu has to offer. "I'd like to believe that we're more than just our lechon and beaches.", she says. Moreover, the Cebuana musician sees the  ever-changing landscape of the local culture. "[Cebu] has changed directions several times—letting go of old perceptions, opening up new paths, and is now beginning to tell its own unique story.", says Cattski.

As if this isn’t impressive enough, Cattski heads 22 Tango Records, a musical outfit and recording studio for independent artists like herself. A true artist with an unwavering passion for her craft, you could say she champions the cause of the Indie artist. "The arts scene is flourishing—there are a lot of brilliant people making things with their hands.", Cattski notes.

It’s not about making money or wanting to be known. It’s about a passion what you love, Cattski explains. "The artists, or the musicians, we're not doing it for the money. Here, we just want to create.". And this is what she has set out to do--to create a haven for artists where they can flourish and nurture their craft. "We want to create an environment where the artists themselves have opportunities here."

Get to know more about Bridgestone Rolling Stories. Rolling Stories is a web series by Bridgestone Philippines in collaboration with GRID Magazine. Rolling Stories falls under Bridgestone Philippines’ Real Adventures campaign, where the tire giant encourages motorists to live full, authentic lives, and to go and build their own adventures.

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