The all-new Nissan Terra: Riding on over 60 years of SUV and truck heritage

July 7, 2018

Around a month ago, Nissan Philippines Inc. finally entered the hotly-contested midsize SUV category with the all-new Terra. The frame-based Sport Utility Vehicle, as the Japanese carmaker calls it, goes up against the likes of the Toyota Fortuner, Mitsubishi Montero Sport, Ford Everest, Chevrolet Trailblazer, and the Isuzu mu-X.

While this may seem like an already crowded segment, Nissan believes that there is always room for one more contender. And what does the new Nissan Terra have that gives it an edge over its rivals?

It’s got heritage, Nissan says. In fact, the Terra rides on over 60 years of truck and SUV heritage. It all began in 1951 with the Nissan 4W60, which was also known as the first-generation Patrol. A Japan-only model, it paved the way for Nissan’s long-standing off-road lineage. This was flowed by the G60 Patrol in 1962.

The succeeding iteration wasn’t just a new model, mind you. It proved its mettle by crossing the Simpson Desert in Australia—a never-ending sea of sand and rocks. Moreover, it conquered the 40-foot Big Red while at it. This cemented the Patrol’s off-road reputation to the world, endearing it to fans for generations to come.

Even today, many still regard the Nissan Patrol as the off-road king. Whether it’s a rugged vintage or a luxurious newer example, the Patrol continues to be the ride of choice of armies, security personnel, Heads of State, and people in power. It gives both comfort and confidence wherever you go.

This is the same heritage that the Nissan Terra is built on. From its rugged yet sophisticated exterior (that unsurprisingly has a hint of Patrol in it) to the comfortable 7-seat interior, the Terra offers the same comfort and capability in a package that is more friendly to the urban jungle.  While it may be smaller in size, it is no less able, with the same robust underpinnings, suspension, 2.5-liter four-cylinder diesel motor, and ladder-on-frame chassis as the equally capable Nissan Navarra.

Apart from this, Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility system ensures safety in all driving conditions. Nissan says it is the perfect mix of its long-standing off-road history coupled with the newest tech.

You can now reserve your Nissan Terra at your nearest Nissan dealer. Prices start at P1,499,000. Deliveries will begin on August 20, 2018.

The launch of All-New Nissan Terra in the Philippines

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